Why Choose Our Breads
Why choose Cottage Bakery True Artisan Bread?

We invest more time in the making of every loaf to ensure we live up to True Artisan bread standards.
The Cottage Bakery brand of all natural artisan breads meets the criteria to bear the True Artisan bread seal because we invest time into the long fermentation process and baking techniques that result in the complex flavor, open inner crumb and crisp crust that consumers want from artisan bread.

Cottage Bakery frozen par-baked bread is the freshest product you can offer.
Nothing says “fresh” like the enticing aroma of just-baked bread. And there is no better way for you to achieve just-baked freshness than with Cottage Bakery par-baked breads that are flash-frozen to preserve their quality until it’s time to finish in your oven and serve. Nothing could be fresher than that.

Quality bread commands more profitable pricing on the menu.
Across the menu, quality baked goods and signature breads command higher prices and keep satisfied customers coming back for more. Offering Cottage Bakery True Artisan bread increases your profitability. See how much increased revenue you can earn just by switching your sandwich bread to Cottage Bakery True Artisan bread with our profit calculator.

There are many varieties of True Artisan bread from Cottage Bakery to complement your menu.
From bread baskets to sandwiches, soups to salads -- whatever your establishment’s signature dish -- there is a True Artisan bread variety from Cottage Bakery to complement your menu. We offer a full line of baguettes, batards, boules, rolls and more.

There are many reasons to choose Cottage Bakery True Artisan bread. Contact us today to learn more.